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Brad Schlueter | Drummer

Here are a few video drum lessons and demonstrations of my printed material that I share with my students.

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This Quick Lesson is based on playing quintuplets with your hands while playing different subdivisions on your bass drum to create 5:4 and 5:3 polyrhythms. The final exercise also switches the leading hand. The sheet music can be found on my Drum Teacher page.
This lesson demonstrates how to take a simple linear beat and expand it into a linear “time feel”.
This lesson demonstrates how to play quintuplet based grooves using a Paradiddle Tap. Note: I don’t play this at gigs! Lol
This lesson demonstrates how to create complex linear patterns out of simpler and shorter “building block” patterns.
This is an excerpt from one of my many Groove Solos. I teach these to my advanced students.
This one is a linear groove that involves some tricky motions
Here an exercise I wrote that uses two polyrhythmic grooves. I play a 2 over 3 polyrhythm with my hands over a halftime 2 over 3 polyrhythm with my feet. That results in a 4 over 3 polyrhythm between my right hand and left foot. Yikes!
In this one, I use a paradiddle as the hand pattern for a series of funky grooves.
This video was a promotional teaching video for students who wanted to hear my drumming that I shot while recovering from knee surgery. I couldn’t walk when I shot this video and was working to get my chops back after three months of doctor visits and physical therapy. Note that the Drum Pad closed so the phone number on the video is not in service.

If you’d like to study with me contact me through the contact form on this website or phone the locations listed on the Drum Lesson page.
This video was a soundcheck from a product review I wrote for Drum! Magazine of Tama’s Star series drum sets.
Here’s a little jazz. This is an excerpt from a product review video I did for Drum! Magazine many haircuts ago.