Studio Drummer

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    Large drum room!

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    Over 60 cymbals….

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    Ready to record 24/7.

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    Some of my snares….


I aim to create interesting and compelling drum parts that exceed my client’s expectations.
***damn fantastic. Especially delightful in that I had only a rough idea and in a different direction at first. Thanks so much...!
- Steven Franque

Studio Overview

My drums are set up, mic’ed and ready to record 24/7. I can deliver great sounding tracks to clients more quickly and far more affordably than when scheduling and booking studio time in a commercial room with an engineer.

Gear / Drums

• The instruments have to sound great. It doesn’t matter what other recording gear you use if the drums themselves don't sound good. You can’t fix it in the mix.

I’ve been a product reviewer for over a decade and have selected my kits primarily for recording purposes. I have several high-end kits from Mapex, Gretsch, Tama, Pearl, Taye, Slingerland and others. 

• I have dozens of boutique snare drums from Trick, Dynamicx, Slingerland, Ludwig, Pearl, Taye, Mapex, Tama, DW, Premier, etc.
• I have over 60 of cymbals from ZIldjian, Paiste, Istanbul, Sabian, Meinl, Ufip, Wuhan and others.
• Premium percussion gear from LP, Gon Bops, Tycoon and many other companies.
Gear / Recording

• Custom built drum tracking room.
• Microphones from Earthworks, Shure, AKG, Audio-Technica, EV, Sennheiser, Audix, and others.
• Microphone Pre-Amps by Midas, Presonus and Universal Audio and others.
• I can convert my files for use in any DAW - ProTools, Logic, Nuendo, Studio One, etc.
• Room Treatment by Auralex and Primeacoustic.

 How It Works

• Send me a .MP3, WAV or Aiff of your song, we can discuss what you need and I’ll record it. 
• I’ll refine this initial take a couple of times until you’re satisfied.
• I can provide mixed stereo drums, raw stems or processed (EQ’d and compressed stems) for those who want a great drum sound that’s ready to go with minimal fiddling. I can send stems via Dropbox or the file delivery method of your choice. I also include room mic’s so you can dial in or compress the “room sound” if it suits your music. 
• I accept payment in several ways that are safe, convenient and easy.

The Advantages of This Approach

• All my gear is was chosen and is designed for drum recording. 
• I have dozens of drums immediately available unlike a commercial or project studio. Many pro studios have drums in surprisingly poor shape.
• I only record drums for clients. I don't record bands in my studio so my gear is always set up and ready to go.
• The advantage of this is that you don’t have to pay for the studio time and engineering - you only pay for the drumming
• I actually listen and come up with parts that complement your music, unlike loops that don’t listen and interact with the emotional content of your lyrics and music. Or worse still, drummers who may want to display their chops on your song, or who may simply not have gear or the confidence to perform well under pressure.
• Pay only for what you need. Don’t need percussion on your song? Then why pay for it? If you do want some, it’s inexpensive to add a few more tracks.

The tracks sound great! Excellent. Done! You work fast.
- Tim White