Brad Schlueter • Praise Drummer

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    VeggieTales Drummer

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    Large Library of Worship Music Drum Charts

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    Click and Backing Tracks Welcome!

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    Experienced Praise and Worship Drummer


I have been an active praise and worship drummer for most of my professional life and have performed at many different churches.

One of my first professional gigs was to perform for several productions of the musical Godspell. Several years later I was hired to record the drum tracks for the VeggieTale videos. The videos and CD’s won numerous accolades including the Dove Award. I also recorded drums on the VeggieTales feature film Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie.

I play regularly at Lakeview Community Church and also play at several other churches in my area. I’ve written a library of hundreds of contemporary praise and worship and gospel drum charts that enable me to easily fill in with other praise bands. I am very experienced working with backing tracks from Praise Charts, Gospel Tracks, Willow Creek Church and others and I’ve spent many years working with click tracks live and in the studio.
I’ve helped dozens of my drum students become better praise drummers for their churches as well.