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Brad Schlueter Lessons

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I offer lessons at two locations and also offer SKYPE lessons for students outside my immediate area.

For many years, I was a teacher at The Drum Pad - one of the country's premier professional drum shops and I helped hundreds of drummers progress as drummers and many to become professional drummers. After that shop closed, I moved to another music store in Palatine to accommodate my existing students:

The Music Room
26 N. Brockway St.
Palatine, IL 60067

I also teach from my home studio in Batavia - serving the Fox Valley area including Geneva, St. Charles, Aurora, Naperville and the surrounding areas.

My extensive range of experiences as both a professional drummer and competitive rudimental snare drummer have enabled me to have insight and solutions to common difficulties students face. I have even helped many well-known professional drummers improve their skills.

I’m a dedicated and motivating drum teacher and have taught hundreds of students to become better drummers. By evaluating and focusing on my student's needs, I can design a personalized lesson plan to help my students progress quickly towards their goals.

I’ve written over a thousand pages of customized drum lesson material covering everything from playing Rock drum solos, music reading, Jazz interpretation, rudimental snare solos, polyrhythms, double bass drum technique or learning to play Congas and Cajon. This vast catalog of material allows me to customize lessons to each of my student's interests and specific needs.

I’ve written hundreds of drumming articles for different drumming magazines - most with an educational focus. I write transcriptions for Drum! Magazine revealing how to play the drum parts of top professional drummers of all styles. My feature articles have helped drummers learn to play new styles and my guide to reading drum notation has been published in every issue of Drum! Magazine for the last decade and has helped thousands of drummers understand how to read drum music. Finale Music Notation software has become an indispensable tool in my teaching and writing.

I’ve helped many drummers with extra physical and mental challenges learn to drum and I’ve also contributed articles and lessons to websites dedicated to helping them.

If you're interested in SKYPE lessons or want to learn the drum and become a better drummer, I can help. You can reach me through the contact form on this website to schedule a lesson with me.
I’m listed with Thumbtack, an excellent referral service that has sent me a number of students. If you’d like to read my profile on their site for much more in depth information about my lessons, please click this button:

Drum Lessons

Here’s some drum stuff to check out.
This is the Notation Guide I wrote for Drum!

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Here’s a cool polyrhythmic exercise that's not for the squeamish! Right hand leading 5:4 to 5:3 to left hand leading 5:4 to 5:3 polyrhythms!

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Here’s a cool Benny Greb lick using double strokes broken across instruments.

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Here’s an introductory Beat and Fill sheet I give to my students.

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Here’s an excerpt from Out On The Tiles featuring John Bonham.

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